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A handbag and a pack of wolves

The attacks on Tin Pei Ling are of course unwarranted, especially those directed at her personal life. But before we go being all self-righteous and condemn these attacks, lets pause.

The attacks are just simply what people have learned, really. For the longest time, it is Tin Pei Ling’s party – and one old man in particular – which had been merciless in tearing the skin off its opponents. Some had their lives utterly destroyed – such as Chia Thye Poh. Over the last two decades or so, vicious and crippling defamation suits were launched and won against its opponents, again crippling and incapacitating these.

So, here now is Tin Pei Ling. In a cyber world age, she as a public figure now, has been stripped naked. Every inch of her is being inspected with a fine tooth comb. The pack is out for the hunt and they are looking for blood. And in some ways, they have found it.

Some are beginning to find this sort of behaviour distasteful and are publicly condemning it and distancing themselves from it.

I find this rather strange, to be honest. Were we expecting that there would not be such behaviour – at this first truly Internet election? Are we who are in Singapore so deep within our own well that we are surprised by this sort of behaviour? In the words of one old man, grow up.

If you teach a people how to behave, and coerce them, frighten them and show them examples of what would happen if they do not behave as told, then you must accept that this people would learn your ways.

And this is what is happening with Tin Pei Ling – the people have learned from the PAP. And yes, it is distasteful. It is unwarranted. But to lay the blame on the people alone is just plain missing the point, isn’t it?

But of course some of us ask for higher ideals, a more “mature” set of behaviours. And some of us will behave such – mature, rational, etc. But to expect that everyone will do the same would be to expect a fairytale world.

While I disagree with the behaviour of some in their attacks on Tin Pei Ling, I do – at the same time – feel that the bigger point is this:

This saga shows that we need to put a stop to a Govt which runs such a system which today has resulted in a pack of wolves going so mercilessly after a young woman.

This pack of wolves have learnt from their master.

You may shoot the wolves – but really, it is the master which is calling the shots and setting the example.

As long as the PAP is in power and continues to be in power, Singaporeans will always behave in the lowest, most base manner.

After all, isn’t that how the PAP itself behaves?

Why then do we expect others to be any different?

Some say this is not how they want Singapore politics to be. Too bad, I’d say. It is how it is and it will continue to be how it is – until those leaders at the top set a new example, a new humaneness.

It is easy to feel sorry for a young woman under attack. But do spare a thought for at least one other who spent 32 years behind bars for no other reason than that he disagreed with one other old man.

One cruel deed begets another.

And the old man and his cronies have committed many.

But as for Tin Pei Ling, and those of you who feel sorry for her, perhaps you can take comfort in how all this will pan out – described so succintly by Martyn See:

“I think it is okay to make fun of Tin Pei Ling. If we are a properly functioning democracy, she would’ve been torn asunder by comedians and caricaturists. But alas, we are not. In the end, she will stroll into her MP office, with make-up and handbags intact, and she’ll look back on this week as being the most trying period of her political career, and then she’ll have the last laugh, at your expense.”

And, my friends, there is not a damn thing you can do about this.

This is how perverted the system has become – where the fluff rises to the highest places.

And perhaps this also explains the vitriolic attacks on Tin Pei Ling.

If you still don’t understand, your well must be pretty deep.

Anyways, Tin Pei Ling will be getting S$15,000 of taxpayers’ money a month. That is almost S$1 million for her 5-year term.

Not bad – for someone who probably will not need to go through an election, hanging as she would onto the coattails of someone more senior.

Yeah, she will be having the last laugh – handbag and all.

So, chill.

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