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Goh Chok Tong boo boo again, what a clown

Just a day after playing a prank on readers of his Facebook page, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong has once again talked nonsense.

IN a speech to about 300 grassroots leaders from the Kampong Ubi-Kembangan and Kaki Bukit wards in the Marine Parade GRC, he said:

“You want to bring in new people who can be given responsibilities, (then) you have to create space in the Cabinet for new people coming in. So a time will come, when ministers will not serve more than two terms, generally speaking, so we can have new blood coming in.”

In short, this means there are some redundant ministers whom voters should feel free to discard, or vote out. After all, SM Goh seems to be saying that the PAP has more than enough talent to be ministers. So much talent in fact that they have to shorten their terms.

So voters, don’t worry if your GRC minister loses the election. They can easily replace him.

On another note, I can’t understand why we are talking about “renewal” and “4G” leadership and how our fourth prime minister will be among these new crop of PAP candidates, and at the same time it seems that no one in the current Cabinet is deemed able enough to be the next Prime Minister.

What does this mean?

Ok, here. PAP ministers have explained that it takes some 10 years for someone to be groomed to become PM. He has to be put through the various ministries to test him out. That’s all well and good – provided the PAP continues to remain in power, of course.

But with the fourth PM coming from this brand new crap crop, does it mean the current Prime Minister – Lee Hsien Loong – will be in office for another 10 years? That’s how long it takes to groom a new PM, right?

Lee Hsien Loong is 59-years old this year. He would be close to 70-years old by the time the fourth PM is properly groomed and ready to take over.

Lee Hsien Loong would be the oldest sitting PM then. Both LKY and GCT stepped down in their 60s.

All this shows me one thing – the PAP’s much-touted succession planning has gone awry.

First, not one in the current Cabinet is capable of being the fourth PM. This when some of them are still pretty young, such as Lui Tuck Yew and Grace Fu.

Second, that despite paying millions upon millions to these “top talent”, none in the present Cabinet can step up to the plate.

Or could it be just fear-mongering by the PAP at election time?

That’s my guess. It’s just plain fear-mongering.

After all, if one really is serious about renewal, why would one create a mini-cabinet within the Prime Minister’s Office for 9 other Ministers, half of whom are above 65?

And if one has so much talent as to be able to limit their terms, what is this nonsense about the next PM?

Shouldn’t he be among the current ones in the Cabinet?

As always, when you distill what PAP ministers say, most of the time you discover that it is all hogwash fit for the rubbish bin.


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  1. HardTruthHurts
    April 4, 2011 at 10:06

    The truth is…they are waiting to pass the baton to one of LHL’s sons. They are using Tin Peiling to test the water first. If she gets accepted as the first PAP GE candidate at age 28 years old, then that will pave the road for the “royal prince” 4 years down the road. He will probably be around TPL’s age by then.

    • Mee Siam Mai Chilli Crabs
      April 4, 2011 at 10:06

      haha…u think EXACTLY like me 🙂

    • April 6, 2011 at 10:06

      Website for GCT to view on why Chiam and Low should not give up their SMCs

  2. azz
    April 4, 2011 at 10:06

    What happens if the current PM decides he wants to do something else and then resign? Does that mean we have to wait 10 years before we get another PM?

  3. Ms Tin-Cannot-Make-It
    April 4, 2011 at 10:06

    Goh talk-talk only lah. How could he be serious about limiting the term of office to two for each Minister? Just look at the current cabinet, how many pa si buay zao old-timers around? LKY, anybody?

    For all we know, what Goh meant could have been that each minister can stay in a particular ministry for two terms nia. So all PAP talented merrymen can go around playing musical chairs in the cabinet.

  4. sgcynic
    April 4, 2011 at 10:06

    That will be a sheer waste of public money! Imagine how many “retired” ministers whose pensions we have to pay at current levels? On average, $1 million per head and for about 20 years till they drop dead.

  5. Chili Crabs seller
    April 4, 2011 at 10:06


    On why Ms Tin was not fielded in a single-member constituency (SMC) if she was as good as she claimed, he said that candidates had to be placed in either group representation constituencies (GRCs) or SMCs.

    Huh???? Similar to Wong Can’t Sing’s Mas Selamat is either in Singapore or out of Singapore…sigh

  6. Alan Wong
    April 5, 2011 at 10:06

    PAP MP limited to 2 terms except ex-PMs, so say the Peanut King.

    So say if we have 10 ex-PMs who still have not kicked their buckets, we have to make do with them ? What kind of bullshit is that ? He must have eaten a lot of pig brains lately, can’t even think properly before he talk cock again ?

  7. taxpayer
    April 5, 2011 at 10:06

    What concerns me is the number of ex-Ministers that will be floating around drawing huge pensions paid for by taxpayers’ money – “made for life” after working for a mere 10 years.

    • burongkaka
      April 5, 2011 at 10:06

      You are right! In addition, some of them hold multiple directorships in GLCs that pays handsomely too! One holds 20 directorships, means attending meetings every day????? These people are sucking our country’s reserves dry….thta’s why they want to stand PAP and then retire to MORE money!

  8. Russell
    April 5, 2011 at 10:06

    For a small island like SGP, we have a very TOP-heavy government. 1 figurehead President, 2 Senior Minsters Mentors, 1 PM, + 82 other MPs, soon increased to 87. Collectively they draw $70m+ salaries, that is still excluding pensions & Out of pocket expenses I’m sure. Multiply that by 4 years = $280,000,000 .00 alone!!! And all that without taking into account the welfare (cleverly disguised as pension funds) these monkeys have become a 100pounds gorillas. All that for a 12-14% GDP (the bulk of which comes from your vices revenue like casinos & GST & all road/transport taxes) which are half sustained by cheap foreign workers.

    Now compare that with what they gave each of us = $800 of dividends = $200/yr x 4, =$16.67/mth = $4.17/wk.

    Why are we letting our fat cat ministers have a “crutch”mentality? They should be looking for their post-term jobs just like everybody else , the man on the street. The Opposition parties may not have fanciful credentials to show, but they are doing what everybody else don’t have the guts to do. That’s putting themselves out there with risk, but without fear for the betterment of the minority voices. Do the right thing.

  9. Ronny
    May 15, 2011 at 10:06

    Goh Chok Tong,

    Go Step Down,
    then Go And Die.

    He thinks he’s a real can of laughs, just like the current PM, laughs at his own joke on live tv,
    with only silence in the background to accompany him. lmao

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