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General Election become PAP Election?

James Gomez beat me to it but he is right. It seems that the upcoming General Election is being hijacked by the PAP into one which is self-serving – it is becoming all about the PAP. PAP renewal. PAP 4G leadership. PAP survival. Yadda yadda yadda.

“We have heard nothing specific about policies the PAP will introduce to reduce the suffering it has caused to the people of Singapore,” Mr Gomez says. (Click here.)

And he is right, of course.

The PAP likes to conjure up – in its imaginative hubris – images of doomsday. Apocalyptic meltdown of Singapore should it falter and more opposition members get into Parliament. It is a game played out at every election. This is how the PAP hijacks a national referendum into one which is narrowly-focussed and self-serving. 

But as The Online Citizen’s Andrew Loh correctly points out: “It is not Singaporeans’ business to ensure the PAP survives or renews itself. That, to put it bluntly, is the PAP’s internal problem.”

In short, you die your business.

Singapore must and will carry on.

And in order for Singapore to do so, it is imperative, it is important, and it is incumbent upon all Singaporeans to think very seriously about our future and ask:

Do we want a government which refuses to listen to its people and do whatever it likes – such as paying itself obscene salaries including a mind-numbing 8 months worth of bonuses for its ministers?

Do we want a government which only springs to life when its dominance is at risk – once every five years? Suddenly, as the election nears, you see PAP ministers coming out with upgrading programmes, monetary handouts, introducing more trains and run them more frequently, cutting the influx of foreigners, increasing the number of BTO flats, etc.

All of these done in the last one month or so – just when the elections are about to happen.


Obviously, they have either been sleeping or didn’t care about what Singaporeans think – until the elections approaches.

The question here is this: what happens after the election if the PAP wins a convincing majority again?

My guess is that the PAP’s hubris will set in and its arrogance come to the fore and rear its ugly head once more.

Then, we will all have to grit our teeth and bear with it – until the next elections come. By then, it would be too late.

So, take the advice which Lee Hsien Loong himself gave during GE 2006, and I paraphrase him:

“If you don’t want a Pay and Pay government, don’t vote PAP. Vote opposition.”

This election is about us, the ordinary Singaporeans. We, who have had to live with failed policies these last 5 years, while those like PM Lee get paid millions plus 5 to 8 months bonuses. We, who have to live with  crowded trains, suffer high HDB prices, long for that elusive 3-room flat, live in fear of losing our jobs to foreigners, see our wages stagnate, our elderly scraping a living, etc.

And the PAP has the gall to turn this election into one where the only issue is about its own renewal!

If they are really serious about this renewal, let it begin with getting rid of that relic who calls himself “mentor”.

Otherwise, we ordinary Singaporeans have more important things to worry about.

Don’t be fooled by these men in white, whose only motto is to serve itself.

Remember: this election is about us, not them.

It is about those, like the elderly picking cardboards and tin cans, who are being left behind and disregarded by the PAP.

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  1. An ordinary citizen
    April 7, 2011 at 10:06

    I have no doubts that the ruling party have done a good job, making Singapore a green and generally safe country with a good infrastructure.
    What I am deeply concerned are the following issues;

    1) Why the taxpayers, of whom I am one who are really their paymaster should be feeling as though being “threathened” by their practice of “If I’m not voted in, you won’t have those facilities. What kind of values and implications are we sending to the next generations?
    2) Why can’t they distinguish between Government and Political Party?
    Is it not true that every MPs voted into Parliament are part of the Government? If so, then they should release taxpayers fund to all MPs for upgrading, regardless of opposition or not. It is for this reason, that I am deeply concerned about One Party Rule.
    Anyone who can contribute to the well-being of Singaporeans should be encouraged and be given portfolios, This way, the ruling party will gain the ultimate respect and possibly win many votes back and we can sent such unselfish values to the next generation.
    3) They will also have no lack of talents to choose from by combining those from the ruling party and oppositions. Afterall, Singaporeans are being told to embrace foreign talents.
    4) How are they going to increase Singaporeans salaries by 30%?
    Many ordinary workers including technicians, maintenance staff, hospitality employees and meter readers these days are under contract terms; meaning they do not have annual increment or annual leave. Till today, they have not fulfil the promise of narrowing the income gap.

  2. Marvin
    April 7, 2011 at 10:06

    It is not simply a pay and pay situation anymore. For more than 20 years, we already had been paying and paying.

    The problem is even more seriously now! We are downgraded to 2nd and 3nd class citizens in the country that we had built! Influx of foreigners till more than a million in the last few years!

    Overnight citizens can become PAP MPs. New citizens no NS. Rising cost but decreasing salaries while the President’s exhorbitan $890,000 and ministers 30% increase in salaries.

    Self-serving incapable ministers of ‘Mas Selamat’ saga continue to stay in cabinet. PM’s wife loss 50 billion of state funds in gamble. Underbudget of YOG of 3 times.

    There were so much problem with the current government that I cannot even finish the long list of mismangement for the past 5 years.

  3. King of Majapahit
    April 7, 2011 at 10:06

    Who gave the permission to bring in Foreigners and Grant them, (174-000to 200,000 foreigners) citizenship .This Nation does not belong to their Forefathers ,!As such, they have no rights to do so! Are they too fearful of losing this coming General election that they have to give these foreigners citizenship? Have they consulted the indegenous people ?the Malays ?because this Island rightfully belongs to them or else we Singaporeans will not call them”Indegenous”in the constitution of this nation in article 152 and 153, So who is that one “ass hole” that gave the idea in the first place?Banyak KURANG AJAR !!No respect for the OWNERS!May they be cursed for 7 generation!!!and die of cancer and heart failure!

  4. Jason Tan
    April 7, 2011 at 10:06

    Totally agree with your post.
    PAP’s 4th generation leader may not end up becoming our next PM, for crying out loud. Someone needs to point out to LHL that the PAP has not won the election yet, and even if they win this coming one, they may not win the subsequent ones.

  5. Laoshi
    April 8, 2011 at 10:06

    One thing really puzzled me – why all this talk of the next PM coming from the next batch of new PAP candidates? Is there not a single current MP or Minister good enough? So much so for all the talents they currently have!

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