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The day Vivian lit a match

Note: Normally, I would use a picture to accompany my postings. I’ve decided not to do so for this post because I do not want to subject you to having to look at the face of evil.

Singapore is a multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-religious society. That much we’ve always been told. And that much is true. We have also been advised to speak with care and to show respect towards our fellow Singaporeans who may not be of the same race, religion or persuasions as ourselves.

And so it was with shock when I read the statement issued by the PAP’s Holland-Bukit Timah GRC team on the matter of a video which was shot in November 2010 of a public forum on the issue of 377A.

The leader of the team, a Cabinet minister, no less, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, the previous day had accused the team members of the Singapore Democratic Party of being “strange bedfellows”, and that two of its members had not done their “due diligence” before they decided to join the SDP.

The SDP team comprises Dr Vincent Wijeysingha, Mr Tan Jee Say, Ms Michelle Lee and Mr Ang Yong Guan.

Dr Balakrishnan accused the SDP of  “suppressing a certain Youtube video which raises some very awkward questions about the agenda and the motivations of the SDP and its candidates.”

He did not elaborate further how the SDP was “suppressing” the video, nor did he disclose which video he was referring to or what these “awkward questions” were. Apparently, the reporters present did not ask him to clarify these allegations.

But here’s where it gets me. After saying all that, he continued:

“I am not going to go further into details but I think saying that and publishing that, the netizens will know what to do and they will discover this.”

First, he was the minister who once accused The Online Citizen (TOC) of being “irresponsible” and of “spreading falsehoods” about homeless people. And he did so in the august chambers of Parliament, no less. Indeed, the PAP government has a hate-hate relationship with netizens whom it has regularly and consistently ridiculed and castigated.

Yet, here Balakrishnan is saying “netizens will know what to do…”

Suddenly, netizens have become – in his mind – credible sources of information.

Second, it is also clear that here is a minister who is too cowardly to do his own dirty work. He wants others to do it for him – others whom he and his government has always castigated for being irresponsible.

When pressed by the SDP to state which video he was referring to, he and his team issued a statement instead. And it is this statement which is so filled with vile and vulgar insinuations that it is truly beyond comprehension that the other team members could not, did not and would not see this.

The statement:

Dear Friends of the Media

Please find below a statement which is being sent on behalf of the PAP team contesting in Holland-Bukit Timah GRC. We would appreciate it very much if you could kindly publish the statement in full, and attribute it to the PAP team contesting in the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, led by Minister Vivian Balakrishnan.

Kindly call me at [phone number deleted] if you have any queries or if you need any clarification.

What is his agenda?

A video has been posted on the internet showing Vincent Wijeysingha participating at a forum which discussed the promotion of the gay cause in Singapore.

The discussion at the forum also touched on sex with boys and whether the age of consent for boys should be 14 years of age.

In the video, Wijeysingha was introduced as being from the SDP.

In addition to other comments, Wijeysingha stated: ‘I think the gay community has to rally ourselves. Perhaps one outcome of today’s forum would be, for those of us who are interested, to come together to further consider how we can address the 377 issue as well as further rights issues in relation to gays and lesbians.’

We believe that candidates should be upfront about their political agenda and motives, so that voters are able to make an informed choice.

The issue is not Wijeysingha’s sexual orientation. That is a matter for him.

The video raises the question on whether Wijeysingha will now pursue this cause in the political arena and what is the SDP’s position on the matter.

Vivian Balakrishnan
Liang Eng Hwa
Christopher de Souza
Sim Ann

There are so many subtle, insidious and evil (yes, evil) allegations and insinuations in this horrid statement but I will point out one in particular.

And it is this: Balakrishnan’s statement tries – ever so subtly – to make that tenuous connection between Vincent Wijeysingha being gay, and the age of consent (14) which was only mentioned in passing at the forum, as captured in the video.

And Vincent was not even the one who spoke about the age of consent.

It is an unbelievable stunt that Balakrishnan tried to pull here – in all its profanity and concocted by his debauched twisted mind.

Balakrishnan, being the coward, dared not spill it out. So I will do it for him to show the vile animal that he is.

Balakrishnan is saying:

“Vincent, being a gay person, wants the right to have sex with boys of 14-years old.”

In effect, he is calling or insinuating that Vincent is a pedophile, or at least that Vincent has those tendency.

Can you now see the absolute vileness of that statement and the person/s who issued it?

How does one get to be so evil as to so easily and so proudly try to destroy another human being through words poisoned to hit at the heart? It is not even about being in an electoral contest. It is not even about wanting to win.

It is about being humane towards a fellow human being.

And Balakrishnan has none of this ability to be one. In his desperate bid to win cheap votes, he resorts to cheap tricks, cheap smears. For that is what it is – smearing not only the name of the person but the very person himself.

The very person himself.

Balakrishnan has no qualms about destroying a person – his name, his feelings, his reputation, his pride, his dignity, his integrity. He has no qualms whatsoever in doing these things just as long as he wins the cheap vote.

Yet, what Balakrishnan has done is even more dangerous.

He lit a match.

He lit a match in our multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-religious society – and threw it into that mix.

Balakrishnan’s political aims here is manifold:

1. Subtly reveal Vincent is gay, without explicitly saying so. Indeed Balakrishnan says Vincent’s sexuality is not the issue. Being the coward that he is, of course he would say this. But it does not fool us. He reveals Vincent is gay in this manner to the media which he knows will report this. Thus, he would successfully alienate Vincent from the conservative and some in the Christian crowd.

2. Balakrishnan attempt at linking Vincent being gay to the age of consent (14 years old) is to insinuate that Vincent is somehow mentally unsound, or at least that Vincent wants to do something which majority of Singaporeans would find repulsive. Thus, he would not only have alienated Vincent from the conservative and some in the Christian crowd, he would also be alienating Vincent from majority of Singaporeans.

Game. Set. Match. Balakrishnan wins – the election in Holland-Bukit Timah.

He may indeed yet win the constituency. But he will forever be remembered as the minister who, on one fine day, descended to the very depths of the gutter, the sewer, to feed his vulgar craving for power. And that he did so by reaching for the heart of a fellow human being and, without batting an eyelid, ripped it out.

I have no respect for Vivian Balakrishnan. None whatsoever.

I do believe, and indeed I do hope, that one day, what he has wrought will come back to him. And when that day comes, as it must, I will not be shedding a tear, nor will I bat an eyelid.

Indeed, I would not even care. For why should one care for he who is evil and who wrought evil?

Balakrishnan, you are a complete and utter disgrace to Singapore and Singaporeans.

And to us as human beings.

You lit a match but the one who gets burned is you.

And rightly so.

And we all know where evil belongs.

And that’s where you should go.

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  1. Alan Wong
    April 27, 2011 at 10:06

    The Chinese papers has the headlines for the last 2 days screaming the “gay agenda”. In Chinese it is actually translated into “gay motive”.

    I suppose in politics there will be people who will be both ruthless as well as outright evil. We don’t even need to look far at other countries to believe there are such inhuman beings around here, in this very country.

  2. rob
    April 27, 2011 at 10:06

    Before I go on, would like to say that I neither support the ruling PAP nor the opposition parties.

    However I find that you have inferred a bit too much from Vivian’s letter. Please see what happens in other countries before condemning the situation at Singapore. That said, there are definitely some things the incumbents could have done better.

  3. Tan
    May 2, 2011 at 10:06

    I concur with Rob. Wax lyrical about “humanity” and “fairness”, yet spice up your own interpretation of the issue and spew vitriol about Vivian Balakrishnan. So how does that make you any different from him now?

    How ironic!

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