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Get a grip, WP supporters! You’re becoming an embarassment

PAP members and supporters address each other as comrades. Just go take a look at the Young PAP Facebook page. It’s a visit which will bring you back in time – to a period where communists were called “reds”, and when a little book of that colour was all the rage in China. Failure to adhere to its teachings would buy you a little visit from the devotees of one fella named Mao. And these Mao adherents weren’t gonna pray over you with gentleness. They would lay hands on you, no doubt, but not the way you might imagine.

But it is 21st Century now and we’re in Singapore. Even so, it seems wanton mindless adoration is not reserved just for Mao or – some say – his wannabes, the pure white demi-gods of the PAP. The newly-ordained Members of Parliament of the Workers’ Party too seem to attract the same devotion reserved more for followers of religious faiths.

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Remorse must come with substance – and only you, the voter, can ensure that

The last four days of the elections saw the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) head for a u-turn. Realising that the ground was getting more agitated with the arrogance and condescending attitude and campaigning of the party, the PAP shed its cloak of invincibility and untouchability and apologised for its mistakes.

The secretary general of the party, no less, apologised twice. This was then followed by several ministers doing the same. Its leader of the Aljunied team, George Yeo, made the most telling admission – that it was Lee Kuan Yew’s remarks about how Aljunied voters would have “five years to repent” which threatened to lose the GRC to the opposition Workers’ Party.

George Yeo also said the PAP needs to “reform” and “change”.

The so-called apology is nothing more than a desperate move by the PAP to win sympathy votes. It shows that it knew not other ways to win fair and square. Indeed, given the way it campaigned in past elections – with carrots and threats, lawsuits and defamation suits, even arresting opposition members, control of the media and so on – the PAP felt helpless in an election where New Media came to the fore, along with a more daring and educated electorate.

Hence, the apology and display of remorse.

But make no mistake.

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